Note To Myself

by - 21:00

Dear myself
Stop worry about future
Your journey has been planned by the best planner
You can make a plan
If your plan doesn't go well
Always remember that
He has other the best plan for you

Dear myself
If you are going to give up
Rewind back
Why you start it?
Why you choose to do it?
Why you need to do this?
Remind back yourself about all of this

Dear myself
If you keep putting love to others on the top
You will be hurt
Stop it
Put your love to Allah in the top
You will not be hurt
You will always see positivity in everything

Dear myself
Stop being laziness
You need to build yourself
You need to create your future
You need to make your parent proud of you

Dear myself
Beauty is not physical beauty
The most important part is inside
Your personality must be a beauty
You must struggle to always improve your personality
Meanwhile, you improve your physical beauty

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  1. that is indeed a beautiful and inspiring poem <3